8-WEEK COURSE: Step into your Authentic Power as a Highly Sensitive Person

This course includes 8 key modules, offering skills, resources and tools to navigate emotional overwhelm and step into your authentic power as a Highly Sensitive Person. The 8-week course starts Monday 4th October 2021 - spaces are limited to 10 people!


I’ve created this course, especially for those committed to their healing and growth. I've taken years worth of resources, meditations and practices to support you in 8 key areas. If you're ready to make significant shifts in your life - then this course is going to be perfect for you - only 2 spaces left!

This Course is for you if...


❌ You struggle with emotional overwhelm

✔️ Instead of feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, you'll learn to navigate them more easily, neither feeling too overwhelmed or disconnected from them.


❌ You have difficulties setting healthy boundaries

✔️ This course will teach you how to set healthy boundaries in your relationships, with family and at work, which enables you to show up for yourself and others in a more authentic way.


❌ You tend not to prioritise self-care or self-compassion

✔️ You will learn the importance of self-care and self-compassion practices and how to implement these into your day-to-day life.


❌ You don't know how to speak up and express yourself clearly

✔️ You will feel more confident in communicating your needs and expressing your feelings in a compassionate and empathetic way.


❌ You're lacking clarity, purpose & direction

✔️ You will learn how to feel more aligned with your authentic self and be able to make decisions that resonate with your true purpose in life.


❌ You're stressed, anxious or caught up in 'over-thinking'

✔️ You will learn how to regulate the nervous system and learn tools to help you feel connected to a greater whole - stepping beyond the limitations of the ego and your mind.


Week 1

An introduction to mindfulness and meditation techniques. Learn how to develop emotional awareness and how to ground yourself to prevent overwhelm. We will introduce the chakra system and learn about the root chakra for grounding.

Week 2

Limiting beliefs can keep us stuck, disempowered and stop us from reaching our full potential. We will explore our beliefs surrounding our sensitivity and learn how to reframe these limiting beliefs to feel more empowered.

Week 3

You will learn how to cultivate greater compassion for yourself and be able to apply these practices into your day-to-day life. You will experience greater mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Week 5

You will learn how to feel more connected with your feelings and needs and the importance of speaking your truth. This will help you to deal with conflict (rather than avoid it), speak up for yourself and still hold the values of compassion and empathy for others.

Week 7

What is the fight, flight and freeze response? How can connecting with our higher self and cultivating a spiritual connection help us? We will learn how to work with the scope of our awareness and our breath to regulate the nervous system.

Week 4

You will feel stronger, more resilient and energised once you’ve learned these essential techniques to set healthy boundaries with others. This will enable you to step into your authentic power.

Week 6

What's really important to you? What is your 'why?' How can you move towards a life that is aligned with these core values? We will explore what your ideal life looks like; connect with your vision and Intuition, and take value-driven action.

Week 8

We will explore the concept of the shadow – including our personal and collective shadow. We will look at why it’s important to become aware of and integrate our shadow as Highly Sensitive People. We will also talk about the golden shadow.

What's Included...

Each week...


You'll receive a workbook packed with information, activities and resources for the week ahead.



You'll receive videos that complements the workbook and provides all the information needed for the week's content.


You'll receive 1-2 guided meditations to support you with the week's theme; download and listen to them at any time!

You'll also have access to....


There will be 4 live workshops with guest experts talking on the topic of High Sensitivity - sharing tools and resources to support you on your journey.



You will get ongoing support in our own student community. Join other like-minded Highly Sensitive People as we grow, heal and learn together! I will be inside the group answering questions personally. 

Workshop Dates

Here are the dates of the live online workshops! If you can't attend you'll be sent the recording! More details coming soon!


6th October, 7- 8 pm (BST, London)

Welcome to the 8-week course with Jules De Vitto

Transpersonal Coach & Educator for Highly Sensitive People

In this live workshop, there will be an opportunity to introduce yourself and get to know other members of the cohort. I will give a run-through of the 8-week course explaining some of the main concepts and ideas we will be covering. You'll be given a framework and suggestions of how to navigate the course over the following 8-weeks! Bring any questions you have as well have time for Q & A!


20th October, 7 -8pm (BST, London)

Gut Health and Healing with Leah Tarleton

Coach, nutritionist, intuitive healer and fellow highly sensitive soul

Digestive troubles and gut disorders can be quite debilitating for the highly sensitive person, leading to challenges with emotional health, nutrition, and overall well-being. Unfortunately, gut health issues like IBS, chronic digestive upset, and food sensitivities or allergies are common in this population. We are here to change that!

 In this workshop, Gut Health and Healing for the Highly Sensitive Person, we will explore why gut health is an important focus for HSPs, empower ourselves with a better understanding of how gut health works, and learn simple, holistic, and HSP-focused strategies and that you can use to improve gut health and promote healing on your own.


3rd November, 7- 8 pm (GMT, London)

Internal Family Systems with Tiffany Carthy

Trauma-Informed Therapist for Highly Sensitive People

Tiffany will share a workshop on Internal Family Systems (IFS) for highly sensitive people. She will introduce how to recognise and bring awareness to the different parts of ourselves that we struggle to accept or to be present with. The parts of us that feel anxious or overwhelmed, the parts that criticise us, the parts that struggle with setting boundaries and the parts that find it easy to give compassion to others, but difficult to give compassion to ourselves.

In this workshop, there will be an experiential exercise to gently bring attention and healing to your inner world with curiosity, acceptance and compassion so that you can experience the healing power of IFS for yourself. There will also be a free guided IFS meditation to download and practice at home. 


17th November, 7- 8 pm (GMT, London) 

How to Thrive as an HSP with Angie Ilg

Intuitive Life Coach and NLP Practitioner for HSPs

Being sensitive in this world can feel really exhausting. You may find yourself worrying too much about what others think, being hard on yourself, or feeling anxiety running through your body sometimes or all the time. Maybe you've tried to figure it out or “fix” it, or read the right books or even been to therapy, but still, you struggle to make the changes happen. Something feels like it’s missing and you’re not sure where to start.

But, you know you’re meant for more... and maybe even deep down somewhere, you know there’s a reality in which you can THRIVE as an HSP. In this workshop you’ll learn some of the most powerful and effective life coaching tools and perspectives Angie uses with her clients, that can help you move forward to a life of more peace, confidence, and love, and even begin to have fun and feel energized again!




“Jules takes the time to help guide each person through their meditations and discussions for self-discovery and improvement. She helped guide me through to what my soul was actually looking for at that moment and assisted me to reconnect with my intuition so I can better understand how to feel the true purpose of my higher self.” 

-Sandra, China


"Jules is wonderful in the sense that, she holds the space for everyone, honouring each person’s process, allowing the transformation to occur slowly, silently, and soothingly. She is a caring, warm and sincere person who puts her heart and soul into helping people through their self-healing."

Chris | London



From Jules' sessions, I learnt how to practice mindfulness, ground myself and balance my mind. The things I enjoyed the most is meeting new people in the community, the way Jules presents the workshop and also learning new techniques and applying them to my life. It’s been a wonderful course and I recommend it to people who wish to have a joyful and transformative experience!

- Jenny, London

I came to Jules because I was interested to learn more about resilience. I found the workshops helpful because I got new ideas and things in my life became more aligned. I enjoyed the community, the meditation and the knowledge that was shared.  After the workshops, I felt very calm, energized and I would recommend it to someone else because of her knowledge and her kindness. I love Jules integrity. her expertise and how she never speaks in a judgemental way

-Sam, London

Meet The Creator.

Jules De Vitto is a Transpersonal Coach who is experienced at helping Highly Sensitive People overcome anxiety, stress and burnout. Jules is Highly Sensitive herself and is passionate about guiding Highly Sensitive People to step into their authentic power and align with their true purpose in life.

Jules lives in London where she offers one-one coaching, workshops and a community for highly sensitive people. She integrates Eastern practices as well as mindfulness and compassionate based approaches into her work.

Jules has a BSc in Psychology, an MA in Education and an MSc in Transpersonal Psychology, Consciousness and Spirituality. She’s a published author and wrote Resilience: Navigating Loss in a Time of Crisis to help people through the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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When you enrol on the course site you don’t just get the weekly modules, workbooks, videos and downloads... you also get the best of me. I am personally invested in your journey - helping you to feel more empowered and resilient as a highly sensitive person.

I’ve got years of experience helping highly sensitive clients to apply mindfulness techniques and other practices to succeed and feel more empowered. Book a free 30-minute phone or video call to find out more about the 8-week Course!


When does the course take place?

The course starts on Monday 4th October 2021 and runs until Monday 29th November 2021. You can work through the content at your own pace each week. I will be available, along with the community for ongoing support :)

Who is the course for?

If you're a highly sensitive person looking for resources to manage stress, anxiety, set healthy boundaries, communicate your feelings and needs, learn mindfulness techniques, and build self-compassion. You'll learn how to step into your authentic power and embrace the gifts of your sensitive traits.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the course?

You'll need to dedicate about 2 hours a week. There will also be 4 live workshops every two weeks which are 1 hour long. If you can't make the live workshop you'll get access to the recording. See above for the dates!

Investment for the Course

The course is currently available at only 40% of the usual cost. This is the only time it will be offered at this price. There is also an option to pay in instalments over 3 months. When you apply for the course please specify your prefered payment option. There are limited spaces on this course so apply ASAP to grab one of the 20 spaces :)



  • 8 weekly modules
  • The weekly workbook includes over 32 activities
  • Weekly videos include over 4 hours of content
  • 16 + Guided Meditations
  • 4 x Live Workshops with Guest Experts
  • Private Group & Community Chat
  • 57 Page EBook: How to Navigate Emotional Sensitivity & Build Resilience
    £997 £397 / $547
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  • 8 weekly modules
  • The weekly workbook includes over 32 activities
  • Weekly videos include over 4 hours of content
  • 16 + Guided Meditations
  • 4 x Live Workshops Guest Experts
  • Private Group & Community Chat
  • 57 Page EBook: How to Navigate Emotional Sensitivity & Build Resilience
    £333 £133 / $183 x 3 months